Tuesday, June 26, 2012

maybe they should rename it the wannabe march.



Because there has been lots happening, Davina Squirrel has posted a summary of events on the incident that took place this past weekend at NYC Dyke March.



Additionally, GallusMag, who blogs at gendertrender.wordpress.com, has posted video of what appears to be Ida Hammer, one of the Dyke March organizers confronting Cathy Brennan; a fact, incidentally that’s being undermined by the transwomen and gender queers who participated in the assault.


One thing that hasn’t happened is a statement from @dykemarchnyc denouncing the mistreatment of Cathy Brennan at the March.

Is it really all that difficult to issue a simple statement denouncing the mistreatment of a [lesbian] participant?

Is this what it’s coming to?


Someone who wishes to remain anonymous wanted to know what exactly precipitated this whole incident.

Well, It depends on the day and time; and who one asks, or sources.

  • CLAIM: Cathy wrote or said something mean about insert name here.

Again, there goes that delusion of impenetrability certain activists sheem to invite themselves into.  And all this time we were all led to believe that anti-gay groups are the ones constructing arguments based on a false foundation of fact.

  • CLAIM:  Cathy is advocating against trans women and gender queer females.

No. Although I’m not a lawyer, but I have worked for lawyers in the past, it seems to me what Cathy is doing is advocating for laws that make sense, not one that is based on feelings and individual decisions, and that aren’t subject to exploitation, myths,or hysteria.

Let’s get real: how would a lesbian or heterosexual female know the difference between an actual gender or trans identified person or some nut job?

  • CLAIM: Cathy Brennan bullied and outed a minor.

FALSE. The alleged minor in question, who identified as genderqueer, posted a comment about rape and directed it to Cathy Brennan.  Miss Brennan took the appropriate action as high profile activists and blogger’s are supposed to do.  We don’t tolerate this action from our true opposition, so why should anyone LGB,T,Q, or whatever letter of alphabet one wishes to identify believe they’re exempt from posting comments advocating physical harm?

  • CLAIM: Cathy Brennan is a trans separatist.

Really? Miss Brennan was participating in an event meant primarily to promote visibility and activists.  She was marching in solidarity with lesbians, bisexuals, intersex and transgender persons, and a special interest group, comprised of alleged genderqueers and trans women took offense to a lesbian marching at Dyke March.

Who again is being separatist?

Quoting from Davina Squirrel:

Incidents such as what occurred at the NYC Dyke March last weekend throw doubt on the safety of lesbian spaces, and whether or not lesbians can count on these other groups as allies for LGBT activism or other activities.

Unfortunately, we at Team Gay have been having this problem with special interest groups since on or before Stonewall.  Look how many people have paid dearly for that.  And why? Because gays are incapable of  appreciating consequence, that’s why.

If we did, we’d have zero tolerance for people invoking NAMBLA or pedophilia, there wouldn’t be anyone committing disability fraud or embezzlement

Models accusing photographers of sexual harassment…

Or activists peddling in illegal pornography.

Brinkin, Larry

And thinking they can get away with it.

And yes, I know: Innocent until proven guilty.

Anyone want to argue with me about choosing sides?

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